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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Learn Why It Matters.

Mobile Web Design

We all love using our phones for texting with friends, scrolling through Instagram, and browsing the internet. Back in 2016 something very important happened, the number of people browsing the internet on their mobile device overtook the number of people using their computer.

Since 2016 the mobile trend has continued to grow and currently, more than 57% of people browsing the internet are using mobile devices. The way people experience the internet is changing rapidly and so must your website to stay relevant.

In this blog post, you will learn about the importance of offering your website visitors a great mobile experience.

What Is A Mobile Friendly Website?

A mobile friendly website is one that offers a great user experience for mobile and hand-held devices like iPhones, Androids, iPads, and tablets.

This concept is also known as responsive web design which is very commonly used when designing current websites.

Google Prefers Mobile Friendly Websites

You can have an amazing website but no one will find it without a proper SEO strategy in place. Google’s algorithm is very complex and takes into account numerous factors when determining the ranking of your website.

One of the most influential factors that Google puts great value in is mobile usability. Google has created a great tool that you can use to check the current mobile usability of your website.

Tool Google Made To Test Mobile Usability

The idea of mobile optimization is not a new concept. Your competitors are most likely utilizing this strategy for their benefit. Optimizing your website for mobile is essential to keep your Google ranking up.

Why Is A Mobile Friendly Website Beneficial To Your Customers?

When a customer visits a physical store there are customer service associates who can assist them with finding what they are looking for. When a customer visits your website there is no one to assist them, you must rely on your mobile user experience strategy to guide users to what they are looking for and convert them into paying customers.

Kauai Web Design

If a customer is having trouble navigating your mobile website to find what they are looking for they will most likely leave. By providing your customers with a well thought out, easy to use, and visibly appealing mobile experience, it will not only help you boost your conversion rates but will also help you keep your customers coming back.

How To Improve Your Mobile Website

We at Galactic Creative understand the importance of a small business's website when it comes to their success. We would love to speak with you about how we can help you optimize your website’s mobile experience to improve your SEO and sales.


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